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Episode 2 of Signal Process Featuring A. Billi Free

Hello all! Not gonna lie, it’s been a fucked-up past few weeks in Amerikkka. Y’all know what I’m talking about. But on the personal tip, I’m feeling rested and ready to move head-first into My Vaccinated Life (well, in about two weeks that is). Plus, there have been some great developments for Program Change. In addition to hosting some wonderfully thought-provoking conversations for upcoming episodes of Signal Process, I had an article of mine published on!

Kaelin Ellis: The Internet’s Busiest Music Producer

The piece was an interview I conducted back in January with the young production prodigy Kaelin Ellis. Ellis has been dominating my Twitter feed for the past year with his minute-long entries into his public beat journal, an anthology of grooves published from isolation that has woven itself into tales penned by one of America’s greatest contemporary authors and a Mercedes commercial alike.

I pitched Ellis precisely because he represents what I love most about the present-day music production community: commitment to giving back. Ellis doesn’t need to hide the secret sauce. He is the sauce, and he knows that sharing his Mercedes-commercial samples, his Drum Scupltr, and his techniques in Twitter threads and Ableton interviews will only cement his legacy as supreme harbinger of the bop.

Signal Process Episode 2: A. Billi Free

Link to the podcast lords:

In addition to my interview with Kaelin Ellis, I’m incredibly excited to share with y’all episode 2 of Signal Process, featuring the inimitable A. Billi Free.

A. Billi has blessed us with two solo albums in the past two years which have highlighted her soaring vocals, spiritually transcendent lyrics, and discerning taste for producers who complement a vocal style capable of breaching the metaphysical to communicate universal truths that are simultaneously familiar and unheard. Oh, and she’s been doing all of this on a $50 microphone recorded at home. For a singular insight into the process of a brilliant songwriter with a penchant for solitude, this episode is not one to be missed.

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Signal Process Ep 1: 10.4 Rog

Our first podcast episode

Hello all! Today I’m excited to share with you the very first episode of our podcast, Signal Process. But before we get to that, please take a moment to subscribe to this newsletter if you haven’t already:

Now let’s get to it.

Signal Process Episode 1: 10.4 Rog

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For our first episode, we are joined by music producer 10.4 Rog. Rog discusses his background in film, finding work as an artist during a pandemic, and how he achieves a classic sound with a software-focused approach. Hope y’all enjoy!

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announcing our first podcast

presenting Signal Process: A Podcast for Music-Makers

Happy Tuesday, all! As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been incredibly busy over the past few months with some really exciting projects. Those mixes I released helped to keep me sane, and I really hope to put out more, but I’m excited to finally share with y’all the first of many projects Program Change will be offering to music-makers this year:

Signal Process: A podcast for music-makers

Talking to fellow music-makers about their creative processes, inspirations, and philosophy toward music is one of my passions in life. This podcast, recorded with my co-host Chandler Tipton, is my attempt at sharing the magic of those conversations with anyone else who might catch a creative spark from hearing musicians geek-out about what they love the most. Imagine a podcast version of something between your favorite venue’s smoking patio, an academic symposium, and group therapy. Our primary conceit is to give musicians a platform to discuss whatever they feel is important with regard to their art and person.

We’re still waiting for the first episode to be accepted by the RSS-lords, but, if all goes smoothly, expect a first upload by the end of next week and regularly on Wednesdays after that. We’re starting with an 8-episode season to test out the format and better understand our capabilities. This is where you come in!

It is so, so important to us that our podcast actually helps you: our core audience of music-makers and music-lovers. If you have any feedback for us—topics you’d like for us to cover, guests you would recommend, personal stories you would like for us to share—please shoot me an email. You can either reply here, DM us on Instagram, or send an email to

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We can’t wait to let you know what else we have in store for our community. Until next time, ✌🏾💕

an assorted mix of hip-hop from around the world

The Inconsistent Radio Hour Episode 03 "About Nothing"

Happy Friday y’all. Another mix to help bring in your weekend:

The Inconsistent Radio Hour Episode 03 “About Nothing”

This week is mostly new (and new-to-me) hip-hop I’ve been digesting since the start of 2021. We’re traveling around the world this time around—Auckland, Brighton, Chicago, Detroit, Hamburg. Hope y’all dig it.

Playlist for your convenience.

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Til next time, enjoy the mix, and much love from Los Angeles ✌🏾💕

a loosely love-themed mix for your weekend

The Inconsistent Radio Hour Episode 02 "Valentine's Day"

Hello all! This week I have a surprise mix for you. My original plan was to do this series every two weeks, but, well, I guess I’m starting out… inconsistently.

This mix doesn’t really have anything to do with Valentine’s Day. I just wanted an excuse for a decidedly mellower vibe, so I paired this week’s selections with a few movie and television quotes for a fake-deep commentary on love by way of playlist.

The Inconsistent Radio Hour Episode 02 "Valentine's Day"


If you’re so inclined, most of these songs can be enjoyed in the form of a Spotify playlist here:

Label Spotlight: Preference Records

This week, I featured several artists from a label I’ve had in heavy rotation lately: Los Angeles-based Preference Records. They’ve been putting out steady heat since they officially launched last year, so I wanted to spotlight a few projects from their catalog that I’ve been really digging:

That’s it for this week folks.

If you have any new music to share with me, send it to me @ daniel(at) or on Instagram. And if you’re reading this and haven’t yet subscribed, smash that:

Til next time, enjoy the mix, and much love from Los Angeles ✌🏾💕

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